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Dental Implants

Implants are amazingly natural looking replacements that feel as strong and comfortable as your own teeth. As well as restoring your normal appearance, dental implants make eating and speaking much easier than dentures.

Dental implants are anchored permanently into the jaw, replacing the tooth’s own root – just like natural teeth. The implant itself is a titanium post inserted into the gum. Left in place for two to eight months, the bone around the implant gradually grows and bonds with the implant, holding it securely in place.

Once in position, an implant can hold a single replacement tooth, a bridge or a denture with several replacement teeth. And the real benefit is that they are virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth, which means you can enjoy an attractive and natural looking smile once more.

Dr Sanjay Patel is the Lead Dental Implantology clinican at 3 practices undertaking both simple and complex dental implantology cases to replace anything from 1 missing teeth to a full arch reconstruction. Using the most advance techniques available to date we are proud that our implantology team has completed over 5000 Dental Implant Placements and has over 30 years combined experience. We combine pioneering technology and a multidisciplinary clinical approach in every case, from your initial consultation to your surgery and maintenance.

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