Broken Dentures

Broken Dentures

Broken dentures can cause disruption to many important aspects of everyday life, as they have to go about their daily business without functional teeth. Accidents happen though, which is why it’s important to know what to do if your denture breaks.

Broken dentures can cause massive disruption to a denture wearer’s life and is thus considered a dental emergency. Without dentures, speak and eating will be affected. In turn, self-confidence will plummet, with further damage to mental and emotional wellbeing.

Dentures can break for a variety of reasons, despite withstanding the pressure of the jawbone. For example, a denture is vulnerable to the following accidents:

  • Dropping your dentures onto a hard surface
  • Heat damage, if boiling water is used during cleaning

What should I do if my denture breaks?

If your denture breaks, you must see us immediately for repair.  We may be able to repair your denture chair-side, however if we cannot then we are usually able to offer a 24 hour repair service.  We will advice you on all your options at your emergency appointment.

If you have broken dentures, call 020 84621347 now to book your emergency appointment.