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Dentist in South Norwood

Serving the area of South Norwood in South London, Hayes Dental Surgery are here to provide both standard and cutting-edge dental services. You can receive all the advice, care and treatment you need at our clinic. In addition to the standard procedures we offer, you can also benefit from our specialist dental services such as dental implants and reconstructions.

We believe that as our patients, you deserve a fully transparent service. We are in the business of helping people with their dental problems, not ripping them off. That is why when you request a no-obligation quote from us, it will cover all the costs of treatments, appointments and anything else involved. We are also committed to providing ongoing support to our patients by ensuring they keep to a good dental routine to prevent further problems from arising.

Some of the most gifted and experienced dentists in the country make up our team here at Hayes Dental Surgery. They are not just qualified though, because we are a customer-orientated and driven business, our team features individuals who are warm, friendly and will put you at ease, no matter what treatment you are booked in for.

Living in South Norwood or surrounding parts of South London and looking for a dentist? Contact us either by phone, email or the online form.

Dental Implants South Norwood

Looking to have dental implants in the South Norwood area of the capital? Speak to our team here at Hayes Dental Surgery. To find out more about the implant process, make an initial appointment with us today. Before your appointment you can also learn more by reading the customer reviews left for our services by patients.

Dentures are perfectly fine solutions for some people. For others, though, they are troublesome and cause more problems than they solve. That is why we recommend dental implants. They provide the aesthetic value needed, without impeding your ability to live a normal life in the same way dentures can. It is vital though, as they connect to your gum and jaw, that you choose only the most experienced and qualified dental team. We believe, at Hayes Dental Surgery, that we are that team.

To get the smile you always wanted, give us a call or contact us today to book an initial consultation with the South Norwood clinic.


Dental Treatments South Norwood

At our South Norwood clinic, the Hayes Dental Surgery team want to make dental services easily available to everyone, young and old. That is why we provide free appointments and treatments to children under 18 or 19 who are still currently in full-time education.

We offer a wide array of dental services right here, including standard check-up appointments, preventive care and advice, veneers, crowns, root canal work, implants and various kinds of cosmetic dental work. As well as the above, we also have a fully dedicated oral hygiene clinic, manned by highly qualified dental hygienists who can provide advice and referrals to our specialists if necessary.

So, if you are based in South Norwood or neighbouring suburbs, give us a call or drop us a line today to make an appointment for the dentistry you require.

Emergency Dentist in South Norwood

Even if we are prepared for just about anything, emergencies can happen that knock us off our feet. Dental emergencies are all-too common and if you have one in the South Norwood area of the capital, you need to look to Hayes Dental Surgery for assistance.

Though we only accept dental emergencies through referrals, once we take on your case you can guarantee that we will do all we can to help. We use the best scanners and x-rays to figure out the precise cause of your dental emergency and will formulate a treatment plan to solve it.

We believe that it is important to develop our services and improve them, which is why we hold regular meetings to assess the effectiveness of our emergency dental treatment. You can be sure, whatever your dental emergency may be, we can help you here at Hayes Dental Surgery.

Why Choose Us

Quality Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Our extensive range of Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry includes Tooth Whitening, Veneers, Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, treatment for gum disease and fillings.

Our Hygienists

in our new dedicated surgery are able to provide all aspects of Oral Hygiene & Gum care.

BDA Good Practice Scheme

We are a proud member of the BDA good practice scheme. The British Dental Association award membership only to Dental Practices who meet the scheme’s commitments to good practice.

Sedation for Anxious Patients

Anxious patients can benefit from our IV Sedation service. Please see the "Sedation" page for more information.

NHS Children

We also welcome and treat Children under the NHS if they under the age of 18 or under 19 and in full-time education.

Same Day Emergencies

may be seen but please telephone first to ensure that you can be seen. We welcome your call on 020 8462 1347

Before starting on any treatment, we will explain and discuss the range of options open to you, and help you to decide which is best suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle. We will then confirm the cost to you in your own written treatment plan.