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August 17, 2018
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Dental Hygienist – How Can I Benefit From Seeing A Dental Hygienist?


Helping you to maintain good oral health is a key part of our mission here at Hayes Dental Surgery. We know that prevention is always better than cure, and that’s why we believe firmly in the importance of protecting your teeth and gums from harm so that you can avoid the pain of decay and tooth loss. One of the best ways to keep your teeth and gums free of the bacteria and plaque which can eventually result in cavities is to make regular hygienist appointments or if you have prolonged bleeding of the gums or your gums have shrunk back, you will need to see out consultant periodontist for periodontal therapy

Our specialist periodontist is a key member of our Hayes Dental team and one of very few consultants in the United Kingdom. Working closely with our dental hygienists, they will help to safeguard your oral hygiene so that gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented or treated.

What Does Our Hygienist Do?

When you make an appointment with our hygienist, your teeth will benefit from a thorough clean. Your gums will be thoroughly assessed and when necessary, preventative fluoride treatments can be applied. All plaque and tartar will have been removed so that when you leave your appointment, your teeth will be sparkling and your mouth will feel fresh.

Offering Vital Advice

Your hygienist appointment isn’t just an opportunity to clean your teeth and gums, it’s also the time to benefit from some vital oral health advice. Your hygienist can help to advise you about the most effective brushing techniques as well as the best products to meet your individual needs. You’ll be shown how to floss and clean between your teeth so that no food can get trapped and you can even receive useful diet advice about how to minimise the chances of developing tooth decay.

How Often Should I See A Hygienist?

Making a regular appointment with your dental hygienist is the best way to maintain good oral health in the long term. When you make your next 6-monthly check-up appointment with your dentist, you should make your hygienist appointment at the same time. Some patients can benefit from more frequently hygienist appointments. If you suffer from gum disease, you may need to see your hygienist at least four times a year to help protect your teeth and gums from harm.

Making An Appointment

Have you been experiencing problems such as inflamed or sore gums, or bleeding?  If you have you should see our specialist periodontist who may undertake periodontal therapy. You can discuss your concerns and benefit from professional treatment and care. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues, it’s still sensible to arrange for a hygienist check-up just to make sure that no problems have gone undetected and that your teeth and gums are as clean as possible.

Contact the Hayes Dental Surgery team today or book online here and arrange your appointment with our specialist periodontist or dental hygienist. Our team can improve your oral health and help you keep your teeth for life.

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