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Look again at Dental Implant treatments

Dental Implants South London

Dental implant treatments are advancing all the time. Patients previously refused by dentists will be pleased to know they should look again at the options. That’s the advice from Dr Sanjay Patel Clinical Director and Lead Clinician at Hayes Dental.

Dr Patel comments that he is now taking more cases that might previously have been considered too complicated, “To replace anything from one missing tooth to full arch reconstruction can be complex for many reasons. We are proud that our dental implant team has completed thousands of successful placements with the most advanced techniques available.”

If you are someone who may have looked at the possibility of cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry years ago and decided it wasn’t for you, it might be worth taking another look. Things are very different now.
There is lots of experienced support for implant dentists. Regulation and education have undoubtedly made a difference to the quality and skill of the dental practitioners. Implant dentistry skills are gained internationally and throughout the UK.

Sometime patients may have already experienced a degree of bone loss resorption above the site of the missing tooth. It is a common reason for receding gums and dentures becoming loose. If you have been refused dental implants for this reason in the past, you should refer to Hayes Dental for a second opinion.

Patients who lack bone density consider a bone graft to bulk up the area for dental implant placement. The new bone area meshes into the jaw bone. The titanium dental implants can then support bone growth to ensure that the attached implant crowns stay in place, providing firm function and natural appearance.

Accurate and precision information from 3D dental CT technology ensures forefront dentistry decisions. The equipment produces 3D images for exact implant placement and better evaluation of gum disease, root canals and any potential issues in the mouth and jaw.

Hayes Dental Surgery underwent a thorough inspection with a British Dental Association assessor in 2017. They looked at all aspects of the dental practice from patient satisfaction, compliance, technology, quality and assurance, with the assessor praising the practice on many levels.

The team at Hayes Dental give patients an exceptional level of care during implant based dentistry. They believe that dentistry should be about the patient comfort and wellbeing. Customers can be confident and happy when they have lots of information, reassurance and the best pain management. The best dentists can deliver the best customer service throughout, from initial consultation to final results. If you are looking for dental implants in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon, Orpington or across London, contact Hayes Dental Surgery today.

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