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April 30, 2019

Sedation Dentist

Hayes Dental is a centre of excellence for those looking for a sedation dentist, sedation dentistry, iv sedation, dental phobic certified dentist and child sedation dentist.  Whether you have a fear of dentist needles, rotten teeth scared of dentist, dental phobic or need iv sedation wisdom teeth extraction we are one of the UK’s leading and only specialist clinics.

Dr Chris Brown (GDC 152732) is the Sedation and Anxiety Management Dentist at Hayes Dental Surgery.

We are still finding many people come to us with dental anxieties, despite continuing improvements in dentistry.

The trouble is, these patients often avoid attending, or wait till the problem worsens substantially. How many temporary fillings or immediate tooth extractions does it take before a patient is left unable to eat properly or it interferes in their day-to-day life? How many turn down root canal therapy and choose a dental extraction as the ‘easy way out’, without thinking about the long-term consequences?

Dr Chris has been working with our team at Hayes Dental Surgery to help offer a service for exactly these types of patients.

He had personal experience of this in his father, a serial bad attender due to his severe anxieties and dental phobia. He used to have general anaesthetic for all his procedures, but we all know this is no longer an option, and for good reason. But what then?…

Chris found himself asking exactly this question. Still a young associate, he was driven to explore ways of improving the experience for those such as his Dad.

Dr Chris has personally invested in a nitrous oxide machine and is a recognised provider of inhalation sedation or sometimes called ‘happy gas’ sedation.

Some dentists still believe inhalation sedation is just for children, but Dr Chris’ experience has shown him otherwise.  It’s particularly useful for those with busy work schedules, as it doesn’t involve the requirement of an escort or taking additional time off work for recovery.

Chris has an infinite curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and sought to learn about all fields of dentistry, from simple to complex restorative treatments, from tooth extractions to smile makeovers, all of this can be provided with Happy Air.

His passion for tooth preservation has led to him studying on the Masters program with simplyendo and Chester University. With Inhalation Sedation, he is able to tackle a wide range of more complex root canal therapy and endodontic challenges for nervous patients, or indeed for those who are even just a little apprehensive about having to sit in the chair for what can be a lengthy treatment.

Aside from inhalation sedation, Chris has completed further study with the University of Bristol, where he has completed his diploma in Postgraduate Dental Studies.  At Bristol he furthered his study of local anaesthetics, conscious sedation and anxiety management techniques. Chris is therefore also able to provide intravenous sedation and make use of a variety of other sedation and relaxation techniques.

Regardless of what he is doing, comfort is key, and to this end Chris makes extensive use of modern anaesthetic approaches, incorporating the use of computer controlled anaesthetic delivery with the Dental Wand. To book an appointment call us on 0208 462 1347 and ask to be booked with Dr Chris for a sedation consultation, or book online 24/7 here.

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