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Dentist in Westcombe Park

Hayes Dental Surgery in Westcombe Park provides specialised and traditional procedures. Rest assured, you can be confident that you will get all the care, guidance and treatments you desire. Along with the standards, we provide many specialist procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and mouth arch restorations.

We are strongly in the belief that we shouldn’t, in our position as a dental surgery, rip our patients off. Therefore, you can always trust that the quote you receive from us includes the full cost of your treatment. We are also dedicated to supporting our patients by arranging for follow-up appointments.

Many skilled and qualified dentists work from our clinic. As well as being skilled in the profession, they are also focused on patients and aim to help you feel as relaxed as you can. Dentistry is a people-orientated field and therefore we take a people-focused approach.

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Dental Implants Westcombe Park

If you are unhappy with how your teeth look and feel, but don’t want dentures, you should consider dental implants. Speak to Hayes Dental Surgery and arrange for a consultation appointment free of charge to find out more information. There are also reviews available to read regarding our services.

Dentures cause many people a lot of problems, and that is why you should think about dental implants. They provide the natural look of real teeth, but also help make life easier daily. It’s important though, as the process involves working in your gums, that you need to a skilled and professional surgeon. That’s why you should consider our team here at the Westcombe Park Hayes Dental Surgery.

If you are interested in looking for dental implants, or looking for improvements to your smile, you need to contact our Westcombe Park clinic today.


Dental Treatments Westcombe Park

As we believe it is crucial that all Westcombe Park residents, old and young, should receive dental services, we are committed to providing them to one and all. We even offer our services to children under 19, based on them being in full-time education, for free.

A wide range of dental treatments are available, including routine check-up appointments, preventive advice, scales, polishes, crowns, teeth whitening, cosmetic dental surgery and dental implants. Alongside these services, we also have an oral hygiene team who can give you advice as well as refer you to specialists.

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Emergency Dentist in Westcombe Park

Emergencies always crop up when you least expect them to and can leave you with serious issues you need to deal with in a hurry, that you were not able to plan for. That is why you should turn to the clinic here at Hayes Dental Surgery and specialists who have the relevant experience and skills in dealing with dental emergencies.

However, it should be noted, that we can only accept you as our patient if you are referred to us from an external clinic of some kind. After you are in our care though, we can help you by finding where the problem is exactly using scanners and x-rays. This can help us to establish a route of treatment for your dental emergency.

Here at Hayes Dental Surgery in Westcombe Park, we believe clinics should try to improve itself constantly. Therefore, we hold regular meetings that we use as an opportunity to discuss our emergency dental services, what works well and what does not. We can then improve our services. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will be able to deal with your dental emergencies quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Us

Quality Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry

Our extensive range of Preventative & Cosmetic Dentistry includes Tooth Whitening, Veneers, Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, treatment for gum disease and fillings.

Our Hygienists

in our new dedicated surgery are able to provide all aspects of Oral Hygiene & Gum care.

BDA Good Practice Scheme

We are a proud member of the BDA good practice scheme. The British Dental Association award membership only to Dental Practices who meet the scheme’s commitments to good practice.

Sedation for Anxious Patients

Anxious patients can benefit from our IV Sedation service. Please see the "Sedation" page for more information.

NHS Children

We also welcome and treat Children under the NHS if they under the age of 18 or under 19 and in full-time education.

Same Day Emergencies

may be seen but please telephone first to ensure that you can be seen. We welcome your call on 020 8462 1347

Before starting on any treatment, we will explain and discuss the range of options open to you, and help you to decide which is best suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle. We will then confirm the cost to you in your own written treatment plan.