Preventive Care

Preventive Care – keeping your teeth for life

While we gain a lot of satisfaction from helping our patients to enhance their smiles, the main focus of our practice is still very much on providing good general and preventive dental health care to patients of all ages.

Research has proved beyond doubt that when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, preventive dentistry is by far the best way of avoiding any potential problems.

Our routine dental examinations are important, giving us the opportunity to check for any potential problems, including dental decay or erosion, gum disease and other issues such as mouth cancer.

Our hygienists play a key role in preventive dentistry, especially in helping to fight gum disease. This is a very common condition, and in its early stages symptoms can include sore, swollen or bleeding gums and bad breath. If left untreated it can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Our hygienists help by removing the bacteria which gather around and irritate the gums, and by advising you on the best ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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The benefits of visiting the Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is specially trained in the prevention and treatment of gum (periodontal) disease, which is the main cause of adult tooth loss and to give advice on all aspects of oral health.

Oral hygiene advice

  • Demonstrate effective tooth brushing technique to remove plaque without causing tooth wear and receding gums.
  • Discuss the latest oral hygiene products.
  • Advice on the best aid to clean inbetween teeth.

Treating and preventing periodontal disease

  • Detailed explanation of periodontal disease.
  • Oral hygiene instruction.
  • Removal of plaque and hard (calculus) deposits.
  • Discuss secondary factors that cause periodontal disease, for example smoking and diabetes.
  • Discuss how periodontal disease could affect or complicate other health problems, for example heart disease.

Prevention of tooth decay (caries) and erosion

  • Discuss in detail the reasons for tooth caries and erosion.
  • Give diet advice on how to reduce sugary and acidic food and drink.
  • Advice on fluoride and apply fluoride varnishes to help remineralise early signs of tooth caries.

Help you to have a clean and healthy mouth.

  • Polish the teeth to remove food and drink stain.
  • Help to change red and inflamed gums to a healthy pink.
  • Stop gums from bleeding when brushing.
  • Prevent teeth from becoming mobile and drifting.
  • Prevent unpleasant tastes and bad breath by the damaging bacteria in the mouth.

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